Bone Grafting / Dental Implant

A dental extraction, commonly known as getting a tooth pulled, is one of the most common dental procedures.  The extraction involves rocking the tooth back and forth to ease it out of its socket for simple removal. Stubborn teeth may be removed in sections.

When teeth are extracted in conjunction of future implant placement bone grafting is routinely done to preserve and/or augment bone.  This procedure is known as socket preservation, and is done to ensure adequate bone quantity/quality for implant placement and stability.

In many instances, a potential implant site does not have enough bone quantity to accommodate a dental implant.  This is usually a result of bone resorption that has occurred due to periodontal disease or tooth extraction.  In these cases, at the time of extraction, bone graft material in placed into the extraction site.  This will help to preserve bony tissue as the extraction site heals.